The More The Merrier

Do you ever feel like our world is wrapped up with secular ideas and your faith gets pushed aside because we are told to not discuss religion, politics, and money? Those ideologies are a thing of the past!

A couple of my girls and I created a business coaching group where we guide others on their journeys as business owners. I know, there are so many coaches out there and each one claims to be a "guru" of this or a "master" of that. The difference with us, we aren't here to make money. We are here to create a community of FAITH BASED entrepreneurs. We walk together in our journeys and we let God guide us. We don't post several times, every day but when we do post, it's because we have something important to share that God has laid upon our hearts.

This post for me is essentially a message I feel needs to be shared. Mainly because I have seen how easy it can be to get caught up in the daily grind of things and let our ethics and morals get walked on by others. I was raised differently. I was raised to see value in people and see truth and honesty as requirements for life. So, I followed with my heart and let God help me prove to others that I have integrity.

What is integrity? No, it's not some cute meme that you found on Pinterest. It isn't some quote on a bumper sticker. Integrity is what you do behind closed doors. It's about being honest and having strong moral principles. Is it starting to make a little more sense now?

Underhandedness isn't a good look on people. It does not serve a greater good and it certainly is not the work of God.

In our community, we strive to love one another, no matter the differences we face. No matter the political divide or the opinions, we all want to share our walk with God and become business owners who face the world together. Together, we all Shine Brightly.

If you are interested in joining this faith based entrepreneur group, please follow this link

We look forward to seeing you there!

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