Knock the Dust Off

I'm sitting in my new office this morning working away on new energy for my business. New cover photo for my social media, CHECK! New Instagram post, CHECK! I am working on creating my energy shift in the FORWARD and fruitful direction. I am sitting in my brand new, white leather office chair and I look over at my wedding bouquet. I didn't have the traditional flower bouquet that you may be thinking. No wilted flowers here.

I took all things SHINY (earrings, bracelets, brooches) and put them together and made a bouquet. It took lots of effort with burnt fingertips, glued hands, and hours of rearranging but I love how the final piece looks. I am a sucker for things that sparkle and shine. As I look closer at this treasure from my wedding day, I notice... It needs to be dusted!!

See how gorgeous it is?!? I know, I am a bit partial.

Let's talk about this dust. For those following my social media, you know we have been in the throws of home renovations for months! I am talking about MONTHS! (see the all caps?) Apparently during all of this transition to a new office and new upstairs, sheetrock dust has collected on top of my bouquet and I am just now realizing it. I am NOT the queen of dusting.

I started to think about this dust as I stared at. This "stuff" that falls out of the air and settles on whatever surface happens to provide a new home. We all seem to have DUST in our lives. Unfinished business, stress, negative emotions, and just about anything else that we don't fully want to address so, we just let it fall and settle wherever-taking away our sparkle and dimming our light.

How can we clean up this DUST in our lives? Well, we have to take a cold hard look and figure out, where did this come from?

Did we not fully accept our emotions and let them become trapped? Did we not express our heartache? Did we fall short in releasing our anger?

During my journey into believing in the power of my mind, I learned that unless we face our trials, they become blocked energy. This energy can sometimes manifest itself in illness, stress, and other unwanted and negative physical presentations. This "dust" can easily be wiped away and cleansed from our mind. How, you ask? Visualize it. I learned that with our mind and God, we can manifest anything we want, including a fresh outlook.

Sounds easy right? Well, it may take you a few times to not feel silly but yes, it IS easy. God wants abundance in our lives. He wants us to love and be loved and He wants us to utilize His gifts to manifest happiness.

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.
2 Corinthians 9:8

My favorite way to visualize and wash away the DUST in my life is best utilized in the shower. As you wash your body, imagine the soap suds on your loofah or washcloth representing the dust in your life. That bubble on your shoulder, that's the heartache from a past breakup. The suds on your left knee, those are the feelings of anger from when somebody lied to you. So, you've got your body covered in bubbles and you've identified each bubble as a negative emotion. Now, step into the stream of water. The warm water washes everything away. Close your eyes and imagine, the heartache and anger and frustration represented by the soap, flowing and rinsing down the drain. Each energy, swirling, round and round, before it gets sucked into the abyss of the pipes beneath your home. Abracadabra, you did it!

You're left with a clean slate. You no longer have that dusty appearance. Your life, your energy, and your VIBE are CLEAN.

Feel free to share this with your friends who need help getting rid of some DUST in their lives.

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