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Herbal Teas: Did You Know?

Only old ladies drink hot tea. Or do they?

With their white lace gloves and pinkies poked out and their coiffed hair under pastel hats.

This is what my mind conjures up when I imagine drinking hot tea. It has never been something I imagined people my age (ok ok, I'm old... I'm in my thirties) doing. That is, until I started using teas and I found four favorites that pack a punch for my health. This jumpstarted my inquisitive mind wondering what benefits I could really get from transporting my inner self forward 30 years and pulling out my future grandma self. Just kidding, I know grannies aren't the only ones who drink hot tea.

If you want to grab some of these teas, just go over to Buddha Teas and see for yourself how delicious, getting healthy can be.

My four favorites are Hibiscus, Hyssops, Eucalyptus, and Turmeric/Ginger blend. These four not only taste great but also can help at a basic cellular level for our bodies. I do want to say that nothing in this article is intended to diagnose, treat, or mitigate any health condition and as always, I recommend you speak to your physician regarding any and all health concerns.

Let's go over a few benefits each of these teas can provide to us by simply enjoying a cup of steamy goodness each evening.

"Don't kill my vibe" - Buddha Teas


A perennial herb that is grown mostly in Europe and the Middle East, the Hyssopus plant has clusters of purple and pink flowers. The herb is said to provide blood sugar control, protection from oxidation in cells, respiratory health as an expectorant, and neutralizes stomach acids to promote digestion and ease symptoms of acid reflux.


Want to support your "ole ticker" then hibiscus tea is the ticket. Hibiscus tea has a deep crimson color when water is poured over it and can be enjoyed hot or cold. The fruity, tart, and tangy flavors are refreshing and surprisingly helpful for the cardiovascular system. This tea has several heart friendly benefits like antioxidants, help to lower blood pressure, lower blood fat levels, and antibacterial effects.


Turmeric is well known for the anti-inflammatory effects on our bodies. So it goes without saying that a tea with turmeric will in fact, help our bodies fight against inflammatory issues like arthritis, gastrointestinal inflammation, and uveitis (inflammation of the eye). Immune boosting abilities of this tea make it a favorite of mine while traveling as well.


In it's native area of Australia the eucalyptus tree is also called the Fever tree because of the medicinal properties it contains. Feel a sore throat coming on or maybe a nagging cough? Turn to this tea to help soothe mucus membranes and provide antimicrobial benefits as a weapon in your cold and flu fight this year.

Whether you are like me and just want something to help you feel better from the inside out, or you're an avid tea drinker and didn't realize the perks you were providing your body, tea has an abundance of benefits.







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