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Do You Have Grit?

A sweet friend tagged me in the comments of a Facebook post the other day and I have to say, I do have my GRIT because of all the situations I have been through. 💪 Have you seen the American Sniper movie? It brings me to tears every time I watch it. 😭 Not sure if it's because I can feel the sadness from the characters or I can relate to the loss of a loved one. I told Brooke last night that sometimes, I feel numb to people's pain because I have had to endure so much loss. I realize now though, it's not numbness --- it's being collected so others can grieve or manage their own feelings. There is nothing worse than traveling through your own journey and somebody else opening their mouths and saying the WRONG thing. Insert foot into mouth, right?

I've lost both my parents, all of my grandparents, I've lost 2 cousins my age, and I've lost an aunt. All by the time I was 30. If you think I don't know what loss is, you're misled.

My faith in God isn't because I've never felt anger or hurt or tragedy. My faith in God and all His blessings is because I have felt Him place His healing hand upon me, lift me up and help me move forward. I have witnessed the grace He holds for us. To forgive us and still love us.


Do you have grit?


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