At What Point, Is the Breaking Point?

As a stay at home dog mom, I have mad props for the stay at home moms of children. There are days when our 5 furbaby heathens truly just annoy the absolute PISS out of me. I cannot imagine what it would be like if they could talk, yell, cry, or whatever else human versions do.

As usual when I'm thinking of content to share with you, my inspiration comes from my personal life. I have told ya'll, I may be a successful business woman/retired RN, but I do not have my ducks in a row. AT ALL. My life is crazy and hectic and just flat out messy.

So I tell you this again to remind you that you are NOT alone in this world. You have soul sisters out here that are struggling to make life work. None of us have it all figured out by any means. The only thing we need to figure out, is how to handle our SHIT when we reach our breaking point.

When it comes to my level of tolerance (for a lot of things) I like to think that I can put up with a fair amount of SHIT. Whether its dog shit or life shit. I can handle it. But there are days when allllll the SHIT piles up and I stare at it and cue the suspenseful music... I find my breaking point.

At this moment, when the dishes are piled up and laundry is screaming to be washed (mind you, I am BANNED from laundry) and the dogs have dug yet another hole in my brand new flower beds, I stop.... I take a deep breath... and I remind myself WHY exactly we have our shop. My sweet refuge inside a metal building that smells of dirt, grease, paint, and any other normal "shop" smells. It used to house tractors so that should give you an idea of just how funky it can get. Back to the story at hand, where was I? Oh yes, sprinting like an Olympic runner, up the hill, to our fabulous SHOP.

I often scream out to the fur heathens in the backyard "SAYONARA BITCHES" as I trek up the hill, far far away from them. Their tails wagging because I'm on the OTHER side of the fence and they think it's some sort of game. Leaving the dishes in the sink, the laundry in the floor, the dust on my mantle. Retreating with my white flag waving to my sweet she shed of a shop.

Where cell phones can't ring and ding and vibrate, where nobody can find me. Where I can dive into my paints and projects and get away from it all.

So, when it comes to your breaking point and nobody else seems to understand your frustration or irritation or feelings of defeat, IT IS OKAY! Never let anybody tell you that you shouldn't feel this way. They are your feelings after all. Go find your happy place and tell the world to leave you alone for just a bit.

You will thank yourself I promise.

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