A Little Self Love

As many of you have noticed, I've taken a mini sabbatical in order to continue my growth on my personal development journey. Even though this journey has been filled with amazing adventures (which I will surely share with you later) it has also been comprised of moments of great emotional toll.

I appreciate you, my readers, understanding my absence. 

I hired a personal mindset coach a few months ago and we have traveled down memory lane to address issues which I have held in the dark crevices of the back of my mind for so long, they've collected dust and began to rot, feeding my fears and doubts. It was past due time for me to address these.

It's funny how personal development and personal transformations can affect you. They drain your emotions and heal your soul. You weep for the person you used to be and smile for the person you unveil. 

Here is to unveiling of a new and more powerful me. New and improved site changes coming soon.😍

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