Think Before You Act...

With everything we have going on in life, it would be TOTALLY appropriate for me to try to squeeze in a bathroom renovation before we leave to go out of the country right? Yeah, that's me. Let's see what all we can accomplish before we abandon the house to our dog sitter.

Here is the before photo. Ugly olive green walls that did not prove to be conducive for allowing natural light to flourish. A vanity so old and yuck that the base was crumbling. So, yep... a facelift was in order 👇

So, it all started about 2 years ago when my Love Bug decided to knock out a wall in the master bathroom. Ya see, it was a useless wall anyway and knocking it out made the bathroom more open. So, finally we patched the wall and I decided, let's slap on some paint, get new vanities, and call it a day. WRONG. It did not happen quite so easily. Well, the paint and vanities weren't terrible.

Since neither one of us are super great at sheetrock, I decided to use a little wallpaper on the wall with the patchwork. The wallpaper will hide the flaws we just couldn't avoid, and I adore (like absolutely ADORE) a colorful accent wall. I found some awesome looking peel and stick wall paper that just called to my soul so I clicked on the buy now button and waited for my mailman to deliver my goods. In the meantime, I had to color match what paint I was going to use for the rest of the bathroom and if i say so myself, I did a pretty fantastic job considering I only had a photo on my phone of the wallpaper.

Here is our AMAZING (insert sarcasm as you like) patching skills with the sheetrock we had to repair. 😂🤣😂

Now, I have learned that when I paint, craft, or do anything at all, I usually get my medium all over myself. Here is the proof 👇👇

Now here is where the story gets good... there was never a bathtub installed here so we have these two little pipes coming out of the wall. They are clear and since they both have plugs in the ends, you cant really tell if there is anything in them. As we are finishing up a few things, the Love Bug asks "what do you think about cutting these back?" Before I could say anything these words escaped her mouth. "Well, let's just see," and she poked the end of that box cutter razor blade right into the pipe. Water shot out like a geyser and it hit me square in the crotch. I was standing 3 feet away!!! Oh No!! We were in trouble now. She just grabbed the hose/pipe and stared at me like a deer in the headlights. "Now what?" She asked... "Sweetheart, I have no clue. I had to call Trey (my awesome brother) about installing the new vanities. I am not a plumber at all." 😳 We were in a pickle. 🥒

Usually, it's me making these thoughtless snafus but not today! It was all my wife and I couldn't do anything but laugh. I know I cannot convey the humor I found in this. Not sure if it was truly that funny or if I was just so tired (it was now 11 at night) that I couldn't function mentally. She sat there, on the ground, with her hand on that pipe like her like depended on it. Interesting that I was not the one in such a predicament. She sounded like McGuyver, spouting out what all she needed to fix our water catastrophe.

Both of those pipes were the same length in the beginning. Now can you tell which one was the victim in our Water Apocalypse of 2019? 👆👆

We had to turn off the water supply to the house, work with all kinds of glues and sealants, and forgo our nightly shower routines.

Here I am, sipping my coffee this morning and have never been more ready for a shower. Let's pray today we expand our DIY skills and knowledge and seal this sucker up so we can shower.

The moral of the story, sometime we forget to think about the outcomes of our actions. We just act, then try to fumble our way through the results. Let's work on considering what COULD happen before we make a HUGE decision, like cutting into a water supply line.

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