Redneck Swimming Pool

Stock tank pools are flooding social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and there are some pretty fantastic inspiration photos to go by to create your own. So, it's in my nature... if I see something cute, I want to make it. Or, at least try it and see if I can do it. I like to think of it as a personal challenge to see if I can actually pull off such creative masterpieces. Well, that did not change with my urge for my own stock tank pool. I will go over the do's and don'ts and tell you exactly how I made my beautiful little outdoor floatie oasis. 👇👇👇

Supplies (which I will put the link or store where YOU can purchase from) that I used:

Stock tank 8 ft x 1 (local co-op)

Flex seal spray white x 12 (local True Value hardware store)

Flex seal glue x 2 (hardware store)

Pool noodles x 5 (Lowe's)

Floating flamingo chlorine holder x 1 (Walmart)

Chlorine shock (Walmart)

Solar panel floating fountain

Sand filter pump

Plunger valve x 2 

Pool filter sand x 1 (Lowe's)

Marine quality Lock Tite 

Plumber's putty

White marble rock x 12 (Lowe's)

Decorations per your style 😍😍😍 this is my favorite part because I love decorating on a dime so I reuse alot of old items. 

Let's discuss the tank first - you can find them at the nearest Tractor Supply but honestly, I like buying from home town places so my local co-op was the perfect place. When Jeff (the guy who works there) found out what I was doing, he laughed because he had never heard of such a thing. So please check out the prices for better savings from your locally owned place and give them something to ponder 🤔😘🤔 I got my tank way cheaper than buying from a chain store. Some of the items on my list, I had to order from Amazon or get from Lowe's or Walmart. I suggest making sure you have everything you need before beginning your new adventure. 

After I laid the metal frame out and covered the area with landscaping fabric, I had a nice flat area where I could put my pool. Be sure your ground is flat so you don't end up with a lopsided water level at the end! I did not include these materials list because I feel that you can do whatever you want so feel free to use some of your creative mojo here. Some people chose to put their tank on a concrete slab so whatever you want, do it friend! Here is how my space started out... 👇👇

After you get your ground work completed, it's time to place your tank in the desired spot. I suggest having 2 people move the tank or else you'll end up like me and the wind will catch it and almost turn over on you, then you'll be like a frog under a pot in this summer heat. 🤪🐸

I made it out alive and the tank is in place! At this point I did not have everything in yet but decided this was a good time to spray the inside of the tank. Using the flex seal spray I coated the inside of the tank. This allows the tank not to rust with the use of chlorine. If left untreated, the galvanized metal tank will rise if you use chlorine. I waited 2 hours between coats and in the sun it didn't take long to dry.

While spraying, be sure you do a few things. Do NOT sit down inside the tank. The breeze will just swirl the fumes around you like a tornado and you will be high as a kite and this is NOT fun when you're in 90 degree heat! Also be sure that you DO have a face mask on. Flex seal has tiny fibers that attach to create the rubberized seal so when you breathe it in without a face mask, you'll end up with flex sealed nose hairs and TRUST ME... tweezers and nose hairs just cause LOTS of pain!! 😂🤣😂 Last but not least, if you are doing this outside be sure you DO have some SPF on your skin! The light reflecting off the metal gets you burnt in places you didn't know about. Keep in mind you need to let the flex seal cure for atleast 24 hours before placing water in your tank to be sure everything is sealed well.

Boom💥💥 Flex seal is DONE. Now, because I chose to put this out in the yard, right off the patio, I wanted some rock to surround it and got a few bags to test and see how it looked. Now don't worry, the white powder will wash away but you will still have some beautiful white marble rock which will seriously help with drainage too. I love how clean it looks surrounding the tank. 

So at this point, I'm still waiting (ever so patiently) for the mail man to deliver my other supplies so I am, what you would say, at a stand still. Wait, what's that?? Notifications of delivery??!!?? Woohoo let's do this. So, now I have everything and I just need a little help from the Love Bug on drilling 2 holes. Let me tell you... you will need a drill bit that cuts holes (I don't know what the technical term for it is but you need a 2.5 inch hole twice!) You will want to drill one towards the bottom of your tank - this will be for the pump sucking water OUT of your pool. The other needs to be towards the top but still below your water line. I placed my pump then measured to see where the holes needed to be. 

After you drill the holes and place your plunger valves, you will want to seal the CRAP out of them. This is where I used my flex seal glue and plumber's putty. I used the glue on the inside of the tank like caulking around each insert. Then I placed the putty around the outside of the tank - it hardens super quick so be sure you're working fast! I rolled a ball in my hand then kept rolling it til I had a long snake like piece. Then I wrapped it around the protruding piece on the outside of the tank and mushed and smashed it until I was certain everything was covered. Once the putty was dried, I sealed it with the flex glue too. It's not going to be beautiful but nobody should see this part so dont worry. 

Now, just let everything dry.... I waited a few hours. 

So here we are putting some water in the tank to check all my connectors and be sure I have no leaks! SUCCESS! All systems are GO!

Now you'll follow the directions that come with your pool pump on setting it up and being sure you have everything good with it. This took me a little time because I did NOT know what in the heck I was doing. Be sure to follow the directions completely. 

Now I've got the pump running, I put 3 teaspoons of my shock in the pool to get the water crystal clear. Out here in the sticks our tap water can be a little "shady" so I wanted to be sure everything looked Pinterest worthy. 

I am NOT a chemist or pool expert but this amount worked perfectly and if was just a guess on a starting point. Now it was time for the decorating. We made some steps from some extra wood we had lying around and I bought some new plants for decoration. I used the pool noodles to cover the edge so the hot metal doesn't hurt anybody when they touch it. 

So after all the hard work, here is my sweet little outdoor paradise. I work from home and the majority of it from my phone so you could say this is my new office 😍😍😍

I got the little solar fountain to help with water circulation and it's a perfect touch during the sunny days. 

I really hope y'all enjoy this and I look forward to seeing your own backyard masterpiece!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!


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