Be Still

God's timing is always perfect and just. Yesterday I talked about my anxiety with storms and severe weather then this morning my devotional was about storms. A different kind of storm though. The spiritual storms we face in life. When the weather man says anything about severe threats, the first thing we do is turn to the latest updates on TV or the radio. We leave all the other noise alone and focus on that single man showing us the trajectory of the cell. What happens when we face a spiritual storm in our life? We should remove all the nonsense and noise and focus on the one being who has control, God. We should remove distractions and listen for what He has for us. Let Him show us how to navigate our lives through our storm. Remember that God has a plan for you that will indeed make you learn to weather storms. The goal is for you to focus on Him and let Him be your guiding light. Remain silent and free of distraction.  

What happens when we remove the noise and focus on one thing? Let's say we are focusing on a creek running through the woods. We start to hear the water rolling over the rocks. We see the water cutting into the dirt on the bank, creating a new path. We watch leaves float like little boats along the current. 

Focusing on something so intently creates an awareness not achieved before. 

So my word to you, focus so intently on what God is telling you that you cannot hear or see anything else in your life. Take His words and live your life. 

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