If The Shoe Fits, You Don't Always Have to Wear It.

You ever see somebody totally rocking a beautiful pair of shoes? I mean, they are strutting their stuff with their shoulders held back and confidence is exuding them like sap? Yeah, I saw a woman like that one time. Matter of fact, it was 3 months ago on a stage in Atlanta.

The first time I laid eyes on Taylor Thompson, she was clad in black. Black business jacket and black pencil skirt with gorgeous black hair. She walked across the stage and at that moment --HER SHOES. Holy Moly they were beautiful. Black booties wrapped in what appeared to be DIAMONDS - diamonds are a girls best friend after all, right? They sparkled in those stage lights and I couldn't help but admire her. Her confidence, her stature, her go-getter heart, and yes of course I admired her shoes. That day she talked about a new initiative, Elevate Pink. Ya see, Taylor has a mission to change our society from a "Mean Girls" mentality to one that embraces women and allows women to edify each other and love on each other with no shame and no judgment. Yep, she is a soul sister for sure! Kindness is OUR JAM. Do you know how difficult it can be to be a woman with a goal? A woman with a dream of success? That's right, you DO know how hard it is. 98% of my readers are women, that's YOU.

When I saw the way Taylor presented herself (shoes included) I knew that I wanted to be like her. I wanted confidence to seep from me. I wanted to hold my shoulders back and walk around with that "I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN" persona-- THANKS Shania for that one. Ya see, 5 out of 7 days a week I wear house shoes. I work from home so it's not exactly a requirement that I put on something fancy just to walk to my desk in the next room. Sure, my house shoes are great and comfortable but what does my lack of care about my appearance do for my business? It does a lot! I know I wouldn't be able to take somebody seriously if they wore house shoes ALL the time. It was time for my mindset to change! I decided after I saw Taylor that day, that I would make more of an effort to pull my professional appearance from the depths of my closet, dust it off, and make myself presentable daily. Now, this is during business hours -- weekends are still free game for loose ponytails, pj's, and my cozy house shoes.

Do you know how great it feels to put on an amazing pair of shoes? Or to have my hair freshly styled? Perfectly winged eyeliner? --- trust me, the winged look is something I am still working on---The confidence I feel when I make an effort helps me to motivate myself to inspire others. I guess the inspiration has to come from somewhere-- might as well start with myself. This gets my brain going and I can get so much more accomplished in my day. I truly feel like one of those Boss Babes in the Instagram Quotes.

No matter where you are in life, whether you are a stay at home dog mom or a night shift nurse-- put a little effort and self love into YOU and you'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel.

I have to say thank you to Taylor for inspiring me a few months ago in Atlanta with her shoes. It truly amazes me that something so small (like a shoe) can inspire others the way hers affected me. When I saw Taylor over the weekend, I had my own pair of AWESOME shoes because I realized, just because a shoe fits-- doesn't mean I need to be wearing it.

What inspires you to love yourself MORE?

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