It's All About Delivery...

You know how I am the Queen of believing in the power of words. I believe that if you reinforce your life with positive words and you claim what is out in the universe as YOURS, you will not only obtain the elevated life, you will talk into existence the very things in which you want.

But I want to talk for a little bit about how we deliver the words to OTHERS. For some reason when I was trying to think of a title for this, all I could think of was the Digiorno pizza commercials and how they say "it's not delivery, its Digiorno." Well friends, this is all about your delivery. Of words, not pizza.

You can take a completely benign statement and say it a million different ways. You can place emphasis on certain words or maybe use facial expressions that completely contradict what it is you are trying to convey. Do we really want to go through life giving people confusing or mixed signals? I mean, I could be utterly pissed off but saying something with a smile, that just seems to negate the purpose of my words. I'm sure that Suzie Q, whom I am fussing at, would look at me with that turned head like an intrigued puppy. This is not effective ya'll.

I make an effort on a daily basis to use my communication skills with purpose. I carefully select my words and I also am mindful of how I deliver them. I often times tell people that I am not ready to talk about something right at that very moment but ask for them to give me time to work on my rebuttal. This is because I am very sensitive to others and their communication styles.

An ex of mine said I was "overly emotional" about everything. Well, I would rather be that way than a stone cold emotionless soul. When you are like me and sensitive to "everything", the way somebody delivers their thoughts to you through words becomes a very important communication tool. I pick up on facial expressions mostly but keep in mind that our body language plays a role as well. Facial expressions for me,are the "signed, sealed, delivered" of communication. I mean, what your face says to me, is the end-all, be-all to what you are really trying to say to me. For you, maybe it's somebody else's body language.

What if we all took more consideration in keeping our "bitch" faces in check or at least worked on the way we communicate with our faces and bodies, do you think there would be less hurt feelings or less mixed messages? If we used words with more purpose and power do you think you would have so much to say?

It's not going to be something that is easy, especially if you are one who is careless or reckless with your words. It will take work. The first person you need to work with is yourself. You can be positive. You can be better. You can have the gifts life has for you. You CAN and You WILL be everything you aspire to be.

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