Faith Over Fear. Learning To Walk When It Seems Impossible

Wanna know one of the most difficult things in the world for me?

This may come as a shocker to some of you, but the rest of you will be thinking "well, that makes sense." It is SO hard for me to NOT have answers. To NOT know the WHYS or the HOWS or even the WHATS. I have an analytical mind that prefers to know concrete answers. Even though certain math equations may be out of my league, math is concrete (mostly) and no matter how many times you add two plus two, the answer will ALWAYS be four. I am not sure where I got that sort of wiring in my brain but let me tell ya, in nursing school... having the mindset of needing to know why things are the way they are, well... that is just a ludicrous notion because 9 times out of 10, a nursing instructor will say "that's just the way it is." I'm not sure if it's because our world is so consumed with not taking the time to research and know things or it's just easier to go with "just because" answers. I will say that I am so excited for the future of evidence based practice in nursing because it truly will be an altering movement when it comes to patient care. Woah, I got off track a little. Anywho, I remember when I was little and I would ask my mother "why?" in response to something she said. Maybe it was a "no" to some outlandish request for chocolate cake for breakfast or whatever, but her reply to my inquisitive mind was "I'm the momma, that's why." Well, I just accepted that. I knew that she would NEVER lead me astray, so my childish heart and brain said "okie dokie artichokie" and went on about my way.

With all of that being said, as an adult it is very difficult for me to not have a firm grasp and understanding of why things occur or what causes certain situations. Why are people so rude to each other? What causes pine trees to have white foam at the bottom of the trunk when it starts raining? -- I googled this and it is quite interesting -- Click here for that info. Anyway, what I am getting at is that I know A LOT of people have this same mindset. They need answers. They need to KNOW.

Something I have learned in my short 33 years here on Earth is that some things are NOT MEANT to be understood. Sure, we can write an entire dissertation on the effects antibiotics have on bacterial infections and how the results can be life saving but God does NOT want us to nit pick His plans. He does not want us to dissect them until we have them broken down into a step by step process of His journey for us. That is NOT how it works friends. God does not give us His floor plan or recipe for our lives because we are not created to know His will. I'm not certain our minds could comprehend all the knowledge He has and this is by far one of the more difficult tests of my faith. When we are faced with some life altering event and our brains kick into over drive, it seems natural to want answers to everything. Why did my best friend die? Why did God take my mother? What was God thinking when He thought I could handle this? I will never make it through this...

You know what? None of that matters. What matters is that YOU have FAITH. Yes, for us concrete thinkers, having trust in something that we cannot see or touch is difficult, but that is the beauty of faith. When you have no other reasons to understand something but you KNOW it works, that is faith my friend. God wants us to rely on our faith in Him. He wants us to trust in Him with all of our might. There are days where even the grandest "believer" struggles with their faith. That is part of our journey. I truly believe that we all struggle immensely with this until we have our (what I like to call) "Ah Ha!" moment. For me, that was shortly after my mother died. When I was at my lowest of lows and I finally felt His presence. You can read that story HERE.

My walk in faith has NOT always been easy and yours won't either my dear. The purpose of our journey is to rely on God and KNOW that He, like my mother, would NEVER lead us wrong. Trust in Him as your trust in the air that fills your lungs when you breathe. It really is that simple. If you haven't had your "Ah Ha!" moment yet, do not worry because it will come to you. You will feel or see or hear Him in one way or another. You will then comprehend that Faith in Him is what gets us through the pains and joys of LIFE. No matter what fears you face, let your faith in God be bigger than anything in front of you.

Happy Sunday loves!

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