Focused And Fabulous... Now.

Lately, the universe seemed to whirlwind around me. Throwing things left and right and completely disrupting my life. Causing me to lose my focus and lead my legs to spin without any forward movement, you know how that looks right? From that silly coyote cartoon when the roadrunner avoids every trap. TNT and tunnels painted onto cliff walls, that roadrunner was able to miss it all. Yep, my legs were spinning just like the roadrunner's. Any forward momentum halted and stagnation seemed to set in. Which is precisely why it has been over a month since I've written anything. I lost my MAGIC. I had become my worst nightmare... COMPLACENT. Have you ever felt like this?

It started when my cellular device crashed to the ground and shattered. Yes, that may seem ridiculous but it's the truth. One small event threw off my mojo. I started letting the demons in my head chant "you can't do it" until I almost started to believe it. I'm using the event of a shattered screen to explain that in a downward spiral, ANY small event can seem MONUMENTAL. While the phone was not the initial event that let negativity  in, I cannot pinpoint the exact moment it happened. Now, back to those demon voices...


It's incredibly easy to brainwash yourself into thinking something that isn't true. I'm just happy that my "spin" to Negative Nancyville didn't last long. 

What happened that I snapped out of it and back to my go getter BAD ASS self? I'm sure you'd love to know.

I took time for personal growth. My personal development started with reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. All my friends and colleagues have already read it and I finally gave it a spin. I'm very glad I did because something had to give.

The main objective of the book is to recognize and confront the LIES we tell ourselves and how to recognize they are NOT truth. 

The biggest lie I had been telling myself lately was that I couldn't do what my heart and my head said I wanted. I was wrapping myself in negativity. Yes, me... the queen of preaching about positive mindset. Goes to show that even the strong need support. 

Anywho, I took the chance to grow more and reinforce positivity in my life. Guess what? It works. I pulled myself out of the FUNK and I'm back on track, more focused than ever, and inspired by all of YOU. Inspired because I know that if I fight these battles, I know you do too. 

Stay strong my loves. Grab your cell phone and ask your friends what good personal development book they recommend. I promise it will help your mindset. 

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