Give An Inch, They Take A Mile.

You know how the story goes, you give and give and give to others just to feel like you've ended up as a reincarnated door mat. Right? At what point do we put our foot down and say "enough is enough"? I am the type of person that puts loads and loads of kindness out into the world. I forgive others even when there is no verbal apology. I believe in second chances and maybe even third and fourth ones too. Is this something that you can totally relate to? 

I want to talk about what it feels like to the person who gives completely and wholeheartedly but then winds up getting walked all over. I don't feel that anybody owes an apology when this happens and we certainly don't owe ourselves one. The reason is because I feel that when you embody kindness and goodness, people just let the devil play in their heads and they end up taking advantage of it. God gave us good hearts for a reason and it's that reason that we continue doing what we do. 

Personally, I know that in the end, my faith and good deeds are what defines me as a human. My soul and conscious are clear and I take that as a huge personal success. 

Recently, I realized that no matter how kind or good you are to some people and you give them that one single inch, they will in fact, take a mile. 

Don't beat yourself up, or blame them for their disregard for your feelings or your emotions. Continue treating them with the sincerity and love that you want to see in the world. By no means do we let them know it's acceptable to treat people like a piece of worn down carpet. Tell them to take off their muddy boots and respect that you are still there as a cushion for the rest of life's hard times. Remind them that there are limits to what you will accept and set firm limits because ultimately, this is how you will succeed in pointing out to them your feelings of being let down and your disappointment. 

Or perhaps, not reacting and not telling somebody could be a better route. Just avoiding people who would rather suck us dry of emotional support and love. Sometimes when we have no reaction it is not because we don't notice how you treat us, it is because we have more self worth than to cause more issues with a discussion that has the potential to go sour. 

Continue loving others (even if it's from a distance) and never forget that you are important because without souls like you, the world would indeed be a much worse place. Allow people to know what you stand for and live your life.

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