It's Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows.

I know we all like to depict that our lives are so incredibly perfect on our social media profiles. We want others to think we really have our shit together. I am here to tell you, I do NOT have my ducks in a row, I do NOT have a perfect life. What I do have is a reaction to my mishaps. How we respond is who we are as a person.

This past weekend, we were blessed to be in the same room with "legends" of our industry.

Saturday, we heard from one of those legends, about how we all like to portray the "perfect" life on social media. I have to tell you, I'm one to share my mishaps all the time because well, I KNOW my life isnt perfect. I know that others like to think my life is perfect but honestly, I have to double check that I put deodorant on most days. My readers love my unfortunate event stories because it shows my raw, real, and vulnerable self. With that being said, I was super excited Saturday to wear these new pants at convention. They just made me feel good about myself. I felt confident and pretty.  

Ha, well half way through the day I realized that there was something poking me in the booty. The up and down of standing then sitting and clapping just made things uncomfortable. I had to excuse myself from our meeting to figure out what was hurting me... yep there it was, that big ole tag stuck inside the waist band. That plastic twig just jabbing me over and over. See, we all have mishaps and mess ups. It's how we react and just keep pushing forward and loving others that makes life fun. Not to mention, getting to laugh at ourselves. Happy Monday ya'll! 

Here are a few photos from the weekend. 

Being featured in publication is truly heart warming. 

Being rewarded, again. 

We work hard and we play hard. 

I adore Judy and all that she does for so many people. 

Me and THE Taylor Thompson. She has a heart of gold.

When you're recognized for just sharing with others.

The change our industry needs. 

What we believe in.

Without actions, your dreams might as well sit on shelf collecting dust for eternity.

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