The Silent Treatment: How To React To Negativity.

In life we all face situations that will threaten our peace of mind. We encounter arguments or altercations or maybe even bullying and harassment. The way we react to these unfortunate circumstances will more times than not, cause ourselves undue turmoil within our hearts and minds if we aren't careful. When was the last time you had to deal with this? When have you experienced somebody treating you like garbage? 

Let's talk about how every action has an equal and opposite REACTION. Yeah, I'm talking about Newton's third law here. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. When negativity, drama, or cruelty are initiated towards you, it is natural for you to feel anger or resentment or maybe even hurt and pain. While Newton was surely referring to inanimate objects that do NOT have feelings, I am certain that we can wholeheartedly say it can apply to matters of our hearts as well. I want to say that it is NATURAL for you to have an internal reaction to whatever threat or accusation you are facing. The most important thing is learning how to react with calming peace and words that will not further cause hurt. 

I want to tell a story of a little girl I saw on TV. She was facing numerous counts of bullying after she lost her father to a heart attack. The other children teased her and called her names. They ganged up on the poor girl and made fun of her because she "didn't have a daddy". Isn't the world a cruel place? People are refusing to teach kindness and instead want to brew hostility. One day, the girl had enough and beat up a little boy that was the prime instigator. The little girl was then reprimanded for her actions. Her action was a REACTION to the actions of others. She was given only one option of being heavily medicated to reduce her physical outbursts. This sole resolution could have been avoided if somebody had just taken the time to talk with her about her life. 

While this story was from a fictional new show I've been watching, it has a great moral of the story. When we are faced with insurmountable odds and ever increasing negativity, if we would talk and communicate with our own positive light we can accomplish so much more. We can point out other routes of resolve. We can bring a new awareness that people may not even know about. 

I pride myself on being an excellent communicator and even though I have NOT always had this skill, I work every day to tell others that we are NOT designed to be on Earth with hearts full of hatred or disdain. We were created to LOVE and be LOVED. Whether the relationship is a friendship or acquaintance, we should always follow the "golden rule" and treat others as we would want to be treated. Just because we face darkness does not mean we should react with the same. When somebody enrages you or wants to cause you hurt, remember that some things are best left unsaid. We don't always have to have the last word or do we have to defend ourselves to those who really don't matter in our lives. Give these people the good ole fashioned silent treatment and watch your life become BETTER. 

I pray every day for other people. I pray for their peace and their happiness. I pray that whomever you are, you find strength in moments of weakness. I pray for you to find your path and work consistently to fulfill your destiny. God has big plans for you my friend. 

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