Honeymoon In Paradise: Our Review Of Dreams Dominicus.

Holy Moly what a whirlwind it has been since the Love Bug and I got hitched. I don't know about others that have done their own wedding but our BIG DAY was a HUGE success.

This comes from our constant planning and help from one of the BEST wedding planners in North Mississippi. If you are looking for a planner, please get in touch with my sweet friend Letitia (click here) and she can help you out! Anyway, after all the hustle and bustle of the nuptials and after party, the Love Bug and I still hadn't packed. Yes, we were the ones that waited til the last minute on this part. I'm telling you, we didnt finish packing until about 11 pm Sunday night and we left the house at 245 am Monday morning. If you ask me, it was all completely worth it when we stepped foot on the property down in the Dominican Republic. Now, I am going to give you a full non biased review of our experience.

If you are looking for an awesome location for a vacation, please check out Dreams Dominicus in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. When we arrived they greeted us and provided immediate service. No waiting around for help. I do suggest brushing up on your Spanish because it will certainly help fight the communication barrier. We got our room key and were also given our very own butler. With our fruity drinks in hand, our butler escorted us to our room. What we weren't expecting was to have the BEST view on the property. Its room 77205 for those who are curious. We had a ginormous balcony with not only a view of the pool but also a view of the ocean.

Our balcony had it's own jacuzzi too. So, here we are, two newlyweds having the best day of travel and arrival for a full week of fun in the sun. 

I went ahead and scheduled our private romantic dinner  (later in the week to celebrate the Love Bug's birthday) and private breakfast. Yes, we had the honeymoon package which comes with both of those PLUS you get a free couples massage and a facial from the spa. The first evening we were pretty worn out so we decided room service was our best bet. Not sure if it was just that delish or that we were so hungry and tired but either way, the steak sandwich and Hawaiian pizza hit the spot. You see the Love Bug's hand grabbing those fries? We were HUNGRY! 

That night we were asleep early. Well, I was anyway. I woke up at 2 am and by 6 pm, I was so tired. 

The next morning I woke up super early to enjoy the sunrise and just soak up everything that happened over the past 48 hours. 

So let me just let ya'll know. This property is NEW and does still have a few kinks to work out which I fully believe they are on the way to getting everything smooth sailing. 

When we took a shower, the water was not warm. At all. Not even a little. We just thought they had a different definition of what a hot shower was. Once we called and told them, they immediately fixed it and BOOM we were enjoying HOT and STEAMY showers. I can tell you the full size body wash and shampoos are great and smell awesome (I brought some home with me)

I will say that if you communicate with the staff, they are very good at fixing whatever issue you have. Even if it's something small like hot water. 

Piece of advice, do NOT be afraid to tell them if there is something they can fix. This will help them to provide YOU a better vacation. 

The spa is NOT a part of the resort, so if you want any of the spa services, be prepared to fork out some cash. The prices seemed a little high to us but we did talk them down a little. I highly recommend getting their reflexology massage. Both of us really enjoyed that! Not sure if the Love Bug's masseuse enjoyed it though because as the LB was falling asleep during her massage, she jumped and kicked the lady. Oops. I guess it's a hazard of making people relax that much. 

There are a few resturants located on the property and while they do offer quite a selection, the food is just average. Nothing to write home about in our opinions but we certainly didn't starve while we were there because there is food everywhere! Even in the preferred sections, there are Hors d'oeuvres all day long!! I was quite fond of having snacks all around. I mean, I am foodie at heart. 

Room service

Room service again 

And again 

Private dinner 

The private dinner was fantastic food! If they had more of that around, it would drastically improve my rating of the food. 

Now, remember what I said about how we got our own butler? Yeah, we had some issues with getting in contact with our first one. After calling several times and getting no answer over the first few days, we addressed the issue with management. Out with the old and in with the new. Introducing Manuel! This guy was our replacement butler and let me tell you, this guy is FANTASTIC!!! 

If you go, please request him and he will take care of you. Let him know that Patricia and Brooke sent you! Just don't forget to tip him because he is completely worth every penny! When we got back from our excursion of swimming with the dolphins he had this ready for us!! 👇👇👇

Talk about awesome huh? He completely made our entire trip the BEST honeymoon we could've asked for! 

While it's easy to focus on all the negative in life, we choose to see all the good and let me say... they focus on customer service so PLEASE if you want something just let them know! We certainly feel like we could never have had such a fantastic experience after we addressed our concerns. 

So all in all, we highly recommend visiting this Dreams property! Follow this link to see more: https://www.dreamsresorts.com/en_us/resorts/dominican-republic/dominicus.html

And if you're looking to enjoy some of the wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary packages feel free to get hooked up with Dubraska from the weddings department. Let them know you read about this here. 

Hope you decide to visit this property soon. Completely worth it in every way! 

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