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What Would Happen If You Didn't Have That $500?

Where we want to go in life always begins with a hope, a dream, and a vision. If you sit down and think about where you want to be in LIFE, what can you DO to get there? When I came home back in October of 2017, I had the idea that I was going to just stay home for the holidays then get back on the road to live my life of travel as a travel nurse. My GOAL was to eventually have enough in my savings account that I could afford to have a HEFTY down payment on a house. I wanted to be debt free and as a travel nurse, it's completely possible. What I also wanted was a successful "side gig" that could give me an extra $1000 a month to continue to add to my savings. What happened in my time home, was nothing short of an answered prayer. 

While I was home, I found the love of my life and also I found the opportunity of a lifetime. The love story is for another day but I will share the other tidbit. I have dabbled in the network marketing and direct sales industry for the past 10 years. I was never able to make a steady $1000 a month. Which in turn means I was never able to add to my savings and stick to my savings PLAN. When my dear friend posted about an all natural source of energy, I needed to know more. I wanted to know what she was doing because I needed it. After three years of being on night shift, my body was suffering. I was experiencing deficiencies in sleep, vitamins, and the chemicals in my brain were all out of whack. I was tired all the time. I never could sleep with any quality and I was just miserable. So, when she sent me info I immediately needed it. I didn't care about the business opportunity at that point because I just needed to fix my body. 

Fast forward a few days and I got a sample in. I drank it and immediately KNEW I needed this in my life EVERY SINGLE DAY! I then realized that the conversation I had been having with God about my financial dreams and goals was being answered. I wanted IN on this. 

Now, let me tell you... I never thought that I could have a steady income of atleast that $1000 I wanted before. But now, I am reaching $10,000 and up. I am talking about numbers that grow EVERY MONTH. All because I had a hope, a dream, and a vision. 

I learned to put my PRIDE aside and let a sweet and caring single MOM teach me how to do business and be profitable. Ya see, I avoided the word SUCCESSFUL because I learned that I was already successful but just not financially.

This past weekend, the Love Bug and I took a few ladies on a trip. A trip to the beautiful Perdido Key Florida! Yes, my little side gig business paid for their lodging and we had one HECK OF A TIME. We floated a beautiful sand bed river, spent a lazy Saturday on the water with a pontoon boat and our very own CAPITAN. We ate wonderful food and enjoyed the atmosphere of the BEACH LIFE. We drank in life. We built our relationships. All because we all said YES to one little thing. 

Our goals and our dreams are built when we have the finite decision to make them reality. We spend every day working and doing actions to FULFILL our destinies. 

If you feel like you are NOT living your life to the fullest potential and YOU want more from a paycheck, why not listen to what I have to say?


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