Take It To "The House"

The Love Bug and I like to say how we are in our own little world most of the time. We have adventures together that just flat out make us LAUGH. We don't pay attention to what others are doing because we are so INVOLVED in our own happiness that we just DON'T HAVE TIME to worry with the SHENANIGANS other people partake in.

This being said, I have to tell you about our SUNDAY FUNDAY this week. It started out as any other Sunday, I woke up first... Drank my coffee and did a little of my SIDE GIG coffee business. After my quiet time with the dogs, I went and woke her up. We laughed and enjoyed the morning together and I even made homemade DONUTS just like my momma used to make. After a while we decided it was time to get ready for the day. Shower number ONE. We went and visited her mom and step dad (they don't live far at all) and we decided that her step dad was going to bring the tractor over to the shop and check out the bushhog that's sitting back there. Also, the Love Bug wanted to get the bobcat back over there so we can do some things that are NEEDING to get done. Well, we got the BOBCAT back over to the shop, figured out one of the BUSHHOGS doesn't fit the tractor, came to the conclusion that the OTHER bushhog needs some sort of service to balance it out. It seems that farm equipment just needs LOTS of care. So we piddled around the shop. Looking for a few things that I could use to put some flowers in. I swear when we build OUR shop at the new house, I am tempted to put some sort of AIR CONDITIONER in it because it gets AWFULLY HOT in a big metal building.

After we got back to the house, Love Bug decided to shower since she was filthy from messing with that equipment, Shower #2 for her. While she showered, I was hanging out in the back yard with all 6 of our fur babies. We have been trying to get our youngest, Gilbert, to learn to fetch a Frisbee. He hasn't quite got that figured out. So, what do we do? We decide to throw the Frisbee to each other. It had been years for me and it didn't take me long to remember just how bad I am at it. The Mississippi heat is a force to be reckoned with. It's not just hot but its so thick and MUGGY most of the time that your clothes just stick to you. I had to take my shirt off and I am sporting my sports bra around the back yard like I still have the ATHLETICISM I used to have, but in reality I am just a mid thirty year old woman who can't jump high enough to MISS an ANT HILL. I am soaked with sweat. Whew.

After we relived our YOUTH with the Frisbee FUN, we decided to take the GOLFCART back over to the parental units house. It's become tradition that Sundays are spent with family. So, Love Bug took her 3rd shower for the day and we jumped in the golfcart and headed down the driveway. Now, to give you an idea of our driveway, it's about a mile and a half long (seems longer some days) and it's gravel. With a gravel drive sometimes you have that grass that likes to grow in the middle, ya know, where nothing touches it when you drive over it? Yeah, that's what we are working with here.

Most of the time, I try to pay attention to the gas gauge on my Jeep. Sometimes I get "gutsy" and try to see how far I can make it without filling up. I do NOT suggest doing this ya'll.

Well, here we are, going down the driveway and the BATTERY gauge on the cart is flashing LOW. What do we do? We try to WING IT and make it over to their house before we have to plug it in for a bit to CHARGE. Low and behold, we make it half way down our FOREVER LONG driveway and the cart DIES. I'm talking about D-E-A-D, dead. So, she decides she is going to push while I steer. Not sure how she thought that was the best option, I mean, I am perfectly capable of helping. Anyway, we FINALLY make it back to the house. We made it over the hills, through that tall GRASS I was telling you about, over the levee and up to the house. She is pouring sweat and just says "SCREW IT" (although I am certain there was an F BOMB instead) about taking ANOTHER SHOWER. We hop in my Jeep (which is full of GAS this time) and head over to her parents. One thing about us, we love taking the JEEP for a little spin every now and then. That's just what you do when you own a JEEP. We decided to just stroll through the woods on the way over. We are BEE BOPPING along and she starts ITCHING. She is talking about how she feels like her skin is CRAWLING all over and cannot FIGURE OUT WHY! Ya'll... we stopped in the middle of the woods and when she pulled her SHORTS leg up, SHE WAS COVERED IN THOSE TINY LITTLE SEED TICKS! They were crawling all over the place and she started HOLLERING! Along with those hollers, she might as well have been break dancing in that DRIVERS seat.

Now ya'll know that I get tickled and WHEN I get tickled, it's usually in a moment when I shouldn't be. It started. I couldn't control my laughing and all that did was PISS her off. Which in turn, made me LAUGH even harder! She is completely FREAKING out because all she can say is "WHAT IF THEY MAKE IT TO THE HOUSE?!?!?!" Now, what she is referring to here is her WOMAN PARTS. I am ROLLING NOW. I have worked in Labor and Delivery for years and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE heard ANYBODY refer to their female parts as THE HOUSE!

She starts flying through the woods and I am slightly more composed now. Not for lack of entertainment but more because we are zooming through brush that is as tall as my Jeep. Uh Oh. What is that ahead? A downed tree. We have two options, go forward and over this tree or turn around. Now, I know what MY JEEP is capable of and we decide to PRESS FORWARD. So we make it over this tree (with a few scratches to the JEEP) and are headed to the REAL HOUSE. I am driving at this point because she cannot even keep her mind straight in order to OPERATE a steering wheel. I should enter one of those dirt road racing events because my Jeep was taking turns and drifting like a pro. I come up the hill and I do some sort of Fast and the Furious SLIDE into my PARKING SPOT and she JUMPS out like a stunt woman.

I've never in my life seen somebody STRIP their clothes off so fast. She is running BUCK NAKED through the house for SHOWER NUMBER 4. I holler out to her to use COLD water because I didn't want those little critters getting into her SKIN. I know these little bastards are tiny and I know it's gonna be hard for her to see them so I do what any KIND and LOVING girlfriend does... I get a spotlight and shine her legs so we can be sure to get all of them off. It took me a bit beacuse I couldn't tell the difference in freckles, leg hairs, and the ticks. Her goosebumps had goosebumps I think. Poor thing was FREEZING in that cold water. Ticks were everywhere. Between her toes, behind her knees, and yes, SLOWLY making their way to THE HOUSE!

Finally we got all of them removed, finally warmed up the water and she felt better. I told her that most COUPLES wait years to experience these types of things together but NOT US. Our little world is FULL of ADVENTURES.

I hope this makes you LAUGH like it did US. Life is too short to be SPEND it unhappy. Find the joy in the little things.

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