Do We Get a Discount or Something:One Readers Story of Her Last Minute Wedding

When women are growing up, their little girl selves dream of their wedding day. We dream of white dresses, candles, music, and cakes. We dream about what our BIG DAY is going to be like. We dream of the romantic venue and the flowers filling the air with their appealing scents. We dream of the birdseed as we rush off to the honeymoon with our new spouse. We dream and dream and dream. Well, most of us anyway. I know a few that never thought they would get married so they didn't spend their day dreaming hours thinking of weddings. 

I had a reader reach out to me with what I find to be the most humorous and encouraging story of her wedding that I have ever heard. Now, my family is known for some FANTASTIC stories when it comes to weddings but I believe this story tops them all. For privacy purposes we are going to call my reader Thelma and her partner Louise. Thelma and Louise seem like perfect names for this hilarious adventure. 

Thelma is such a bright and encouraging young woman. I love hearing from her because I find so much of myself in her spirit that I feel somewhat "attached" to her. Now, keep in mind we have never MET in person but I do find what I do know about her MAGNIFICENT. Like myself, Thelma is in a relationship with a woman. Matter of fact THEY ARE ENGAGED!

Thelma is young and is starting her career path as a nurse with the first step.... NURSING SCHOOL. Now ya'll, I can attest to this because I have BEEN THERE DONE THAT AND I EVEN GOT THE TSHIRT, nursing school is HARD. Not only do you have to deal with assignments and clinicals and learning things about the human body that most people NEVER imagine, you still have every day life to deal with. I gotta say, it's very difficult to work while you are in nursing school. I did it but I can tell you, it was NO easy feat. Here Thelma is in the beginning transition from her working life to her student life. This change is very difficult to make for some students. Nursing school is unlike "regular" school where as you have to spend MORE time studying per hour of class than a regular college course. Nursing school questions are not clear cut answers. It takes time to develop your critical thinking skills AND to apply them to exams. 

Anyway, Thelma quit her job so she could focus entirely on nursing school. Which, in my opinion is smart but this also cost the couple HALF of their income. Here they are, a newly engaged couple and they are already facing some pretty significant financial hurdles. Even the strongest of couples, when they face situations like this can sometimes have arguments which can take a toll on the relationship. Trust me, I've seen it. Not these two, these two loves birds figure out exactly what they have to do to make this work! Let's just say that Louise gets a certain housing stipend and if she were to be married, that would increase and more than make up for Thelma's lack of income. So, the two decide to move their WEDDING DAY up. I'm talking WAY up. Matter of fact, last week! 

Now, I know we all make decisions based on what information we have at hand and I am proud for this young couple to be as quick to find a solution to their troubles but let me say this, I don't suggest everybody just going out there and getting HITCHED all willy nilly just because you think it's the answer. These two have good heads on their shoulder and they understand the depth and commitment it means to be married. Marriage is sacred and is something that I don't feel people need to go into with a decision made on a whim.

Well, they have a plan and now they gotta make it happen. I tell this all the time to the people I coach. Figure out what your goal is, write it down. What would it take for you to get that goal? What do you have to do every single day in order to make it happen? Thelma and Louise had to find a Justice of the Peace. Quick! This couple is on a super duper tight budget and all they could find were services that cost atleast $250. I am sure some of you are thinking, why did they use the JOP? Well, here in the Bible belt, it's rather difficult to find somebody to marry two women. You know, the whole "you're going to burn in Hell" thing. So, luck was on their side and Thelma and Louise find one who only charged them a mere $50. The catch was, this JOP had an appointment at the Apple Store and said they could just meet her there. Thelma didn't see any big deal with this, she said the area where the store is located, is very beautiful. She wasn't worried about flowers or anything like that because everything was so nicely landscaped, etc. She just thought there were going to do the little ceremony out in the common ground and have what she calls "the wedding of their dreams." She was, in fact, marrying the love of her LIFE.

She was sadly mistaken. There they were, Thelma and Louise, in the middle of the Apple store and the JOP turns to each of them and asks the famous question, "do you take" blah blah blah... You know the spill. So, in front of God and all the customers present, this JOP pronounces Thelma and Louise MARRIED. 

Ya'll I dont know about you but this made me laugh... Thelma posted on her social media and tagged Apple. She showed the video of that JOP signing the marriage license and said "hey Apple, do we get some sort of discount?"

Moral of the story, where there is a will there is a way.

Congrats you two on your wedded bliss and I pray you both continue with the strength and courage to face the world together. 

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