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Yesterday, I made a post on my Facebook about how I've had friends reach out to me for advice on dealing with hard times, bad times, and just plain LIFE. When I receive these messages regarding questions of how I deal with certain aspects of my own life, you would think I would have to ponder on exactly what to say or how to word my replies but really, I just respond with what my heart tells me. I don't have to spend a long time on proofreading or editing my dialogue because I've been on the other side. I've been the one needing help. I know that there is no "perfect" response. I also know that even a messy and complicated reply can soothe the heart of the weary and can calm the hands of the unnerved.

I've often talked about my path to where I am. I've posted previously in my blog about the story of losing my parents. What I've failed to convey is that my mission in life is not just to teach people that they can overcome situations, my mission is to HELP them realize they are capable of moving their own mountains. I want to SHOW others how to persevere and conquer their TROUBLES. I honestly want others to be HAPPY. Happy in their own lives no matter the struggles they face.

I am a believer, a true believer that Christ came to save us from our sins and redeem our hearts. One constant among all of the variables I've seen, is DOUBT. Doubt in one's self, doubt in others, but mostly... doubt in God. If you struggle with your faith, I feel this step is one which every person faces. Even if you grow up in the church, as you grow older and life takes it's toll on you, you will doubt His existence. I whole heartedly trust this is part of the process of the walk with God. Can you tell me any person in the Bible that did not face this internal conflict?

If all the great figures in the Bible fought this, why would it NOT be applicable to you?

I want you to do me a favor, close your eyes and think of the last time you were exquisitely happy. I'm talking about glowing from the inside, a smile so goofy you could be a cartoon, love so hard... HAPPY. Hold on to that memory for just a second. Now, let's think about a time in your life BEFORE that happy moment. A time when all you could do is cry. A time when getting out of the bed seemed so IMPOSSIBLE that you thought you'd NEVER survive. These two moments will change throughout your life. Your happy moments and your sad moments will come, like waves on the shore. They will replace each other time and time again.

Remember how it felt to be so "down and out"? So depressed and lonely? How did you get from that point in your life to the point when happiness seeped from you like oozing sap? What journey did you take?

When we look back at these milestones, we realize the bad days allow us to enjoy and appreciate the good days. For me, I know that if I can make it through the depression I experienced after losing my mom, I can make it through anything. When God showed up the day I screamed out for Him, I was able to stand again. Literally and figuratively. I took the strength He gave me, and used it to face my LIFE.

I know there are alot of people out there that need to hear this. You are loved. Not just by your family and your friends, but by an AWESOME God that sees your struggle and says to you "I am with you." Just as the foot prints in the sand, you don't always see or feel Him, but He is there.

I pray that if you're reading this and you want to talk, please reach out to me. I may not have all the answers. I may not give you what you think you need to hear. What I can tell you is, I will listen. I will help you. I will do all I can to INSPIRE you and MOTIVATE you to put one foot in front of the other. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Today is your gift.

Happy Monday loves.

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