The Mondayest Monday Ever

Let me tell you, I am not one to look at Mondays with the dread and depression most people do. I enjoy my Mondays just as much as I enjoy my Fridays or Wednesdays. I guess part of that comes with the fact I don't have to get up and head to an office filled with other "Monday dreading" people.

So, this story is quite interesting to say the least. Of course, it happened on a Monday!

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office working on a few things. A couple things for the upcoming wedding and then a couple things for my amazing team. I was about to get ready to head into work to help them out because they needed some extra hands.

Now, the Love Bug and I have 6 dogs. I have found that dogs are alot like children. When you hear a suspicious sound, you should check it out pretty quick. There have been times our sweet Gilbert (the youngest of the pack) has been found with my panties or shoes or socks in his bed.

So, I'm typing away on my laptop, finishing up before I head to shower for work and I hear this weird noise from the living room. Yep, you guessed it... I stopped what I was doing and walked to see what was going on. Smoke. An awful smell. FEAR!

When I rounded the corner all I could see was smoke. I smelled that horrible electrical burn smell too. I dont think I've ever acted as quickly to unplug everything. I'm talking about everything from my phone charger to the TV and even shut down the AC.

I grabbed my phone and called my Love Bug. I told her what happened and that the house was filling with smoke. I walked the walls, feeling for heat. NOTHING. I could not find where the smoke was coming from.

My future in laws (who are possibly the greatest people on Earth) quickly came over and helped me figure out something had happened to the AC. Well, if you ain't from Mississippi, you may not understand that summer heat here is alot like a warning of what Hell is like. Trust me, you don't wanna go!

So, I called a friend who is an electrician and I also called the AC guys. When the electrician came, I just wanted him to check things out to be sure everything was safe for me to stay here. I am very fortunate that I was home during this because all I could think about was our babies being stuck in a house fire.

Anywho, fast forward through all of the finding the source of the fire, etc. The funny part of this story happens when the Love Bug gets home from work.

I was already in bed when she got home. Not asleep, but in bed. I got sucked into those Facebook quizzes where you learn who you were in a past life and what your name really means.... Well, I guess she was trying to be quiet when she got home but with 6 sets of high powered ears around me, sneaking into the house is nearly impossible.

When she walked in with her little flashlight shining, a bird chased her through the door. I'm talking about a living, breathing, egg hatching BIRD! She hollered out "we've got a bird in the house!" I jumped out of the bed and quickly ran out to the living room.

When I say that we had a bird, I mean that bird was one of those fiesty, fluttering ones that is now TERRIFIED that he has flown into a place he has never been. We chased that thing around trying to catch it. I ran and grabbed a towel thinking I could trap it like some sort of wild bird napper. Ya'll, beach towels are meant for lazy days in the sand and water. NOT BIRD CATCHING!

This bird is flying everywhere, pooping on everything. Landing on cabinets and pictures and even ceiling fans! Pretty sure he got DRUNK when we turned those suckers on! At one point he landed on top of the upper kitchen cabinets. Love Bug trapped him with the towel! Success!!

NOT!! The little beast snuck his way out and scared the daylights out of us! My precious other half nearly fell from the counter tops screaming. I on the other hand couldn't quit laughing long enough to be of any assistance! She squealed so loud that I swear I've never heard that kind of noise.

Now, amidst all this ruckus I told her to go grab a fishing pole. She looked at me like I was some kind of special. "What the heck is a fishing pole gonna do?!?" I told her that if we held it up in the air, he would eventually land on it and we could just toss him outside. Yes that idea has actually worked for me before when I had a hummingbird in my garage!

She laughed at my idea so I walked right out there and grabbed a pole.

So here we are. No AC, running around the house chasing a damn bird at midnight on a Monday! She's cussing. I'm laughing. We are a HOT sweaty MESS.

Low and behold, you know that bird landed on that fishing pole??

No more bird!!

Sometimes, in order to suffer through tough times, you just have to laugh. To blow off steam in some sort of fashion. Keep moving forward and enjoying what little momentum you've got.

So, needless to say.... I'm very happy it's Tuesday!

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