Burn Baby Burn

Over the weekend, my Love Bug and I were able to spend some quality time with my family. We got to submerge ourselves in the crystal clear waters of my brother's new pool and let me tell ya, it felt fantastic! Since we are responsible adults (joking aside, we DO try), we decided to set an alarm to remind us to reapply sunscreen to my 6 year old nephew every hour. No need in his momma getting us because we didn't keep her baby boy from a sunburn! Well, my sweet nephew came out unscathed by the sun but us on the other hand, were BLISTERED. Sunburn in places that I wasn't quite sure sunshine could reach.

What to do? I grabbed my phone and quickly typed my status: "Help. I need sunburn remedies quick." Ya'll, my Facebook friends are the BEST. Within minutes I had a list a mile long of sunburn remedies. Now, when you are on vacation you may not have some of the "ingredients" for some of the homemade rescues that were recommended but I have cut the list back to the top 5. Most of these are ingredients we can easily grab from the store. These are not in any particular order but I must say that out of 68 comments on my post, these were mentioned multiple times. I did a little research on each of these to provide YOU with the best information possible.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

While some said to soak in a vinegar bath, other's said to do a vinegar compress. I wanted to learn why this remedy actually worked so I want to share with you what I learned. Vinegar is an acid so it doesn't quite make sense to add acid to an already irritated skin burn right? WRONG. When mixed appropriately, apple cider vinegar helps tremendously. One site recommends using a 2 parts of cool water to 1 part vinegar. Be sure to dilute the vinegar to avoid excessive irritation. The nature of the acid in the vinegar when diluted actually will reduce blistering and peeling. Whether you use compresses, a bath, or a spray bottle, vinegar seems to be the MOST recommended sunburn care remedy.

2. Shaving Cream

While I was intrigued by this one, I was not shocked. We use shaving cream to hydrate our skin when we shave so why wouldn't it hydrate our skin after too much sun? Again, I wanted to research and I found where William Huang, MD, associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center was actually asked about it after a mom's post went viral with her experience with shaving cream for sunburn care. You can read that HERE. So, if we use this to hydrate before we put a razor to our skin, why wouldn't we want to try it for our super red and inflamed sun burnt skin? This photo below is from the post that went VIRAL when a mom posted how successful her relief was from using shaving cream.

3. Preparation H

Ok, I have to admit something... this one threw me for a loop. I am not one to knock things before trying them but... BUTT cream on sunburns made me laugh. Did you know that the original and intended use for Preparation H was a sunburn cream? Yep, me either! This super popular BOOTY cream is used to shrink hemorrhoids and decrease the pain and itching associated with them. Sounds just like a sunburn to me. PAIN. ITCHING. INFLAMED SKIN. No wonder this remedy made it to my list as one of the most recommended sunburn treatments out there.

4. Aloe

Good ole fashioned green ALOE gel. They have so many options nowadays. One with lidocaine, one is an aloe lotion, one with cooling menthol... you get the picture. Anyway, this one seems to be a tried and true remedy for sunburns or any other skin issues. I remember my grandmother had so many aloe plants and she always would have me break off a stem to use on cuts and scrapes. Yes, I was the ultimate tom-boy growing up. Some things never change. Try storing this in your fridge for a super cooling effect for that "burnt up" skin.

5. Peppermint oil/Essential Oils/Lavender oil

When I was being educated from my dear friend April on what "hot" oils were I remember thinking that I had ALOT to learn about essential oils. She is the QUEEN of oils in my book. Anyway, one recommendation was to use peppermint oil and cool rag compresses on the burnt skin. In my research I found that not only is peppermint a great oil to use, so is lavender. The antimicrobial properties of the oils help fight the burn by speeding up healing processes which allows your body to recover faster. Found this recipe on Pinterest. Add this to a carrier oil and find relief quick.

I really hope that these 5 remedies help YOU just as much as they did us. Be sure to use your proper SPF sunscreen so that you don't find yourself scrambling for burn relief. Do you have a favorite sunburn relief? Leave it in the comments.

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