Top 10 Must Haves For Any Mom-preneur

Whew, the end of the month is always a busy time for me. My team was on FIRE and they kept me busy. So glad I'm able to get on here because the EOM got me to thinking...Even though I don't have children, I consider our fur-babies as children. Especially because we pack diaper bags with T-R-E-A-T-S and toys and wipes and such. Yes, I have to spell that word out because well, our babies KNOW what it means when we say it. I can't take any chances that they may be paying attention as I write this and just happen to say it out loud. Gotta be careful, right?

Since I have been blessed with an opportunity that has afforded me to work from home. I want to share with you some products that I have fallen in love with. I was going to rank them in order from "ok" must have to the absolute number ONE but I realized that I could not possibly do that because well, I feel like they ALL work  in their own ways as a MUST HAVE for my business. 

Without further ado, let's get this party started. I have attached links throughout this article so YOU can grab these too. I do have links referring my friends so help them out and support their home business. Other links provided are to general websites. Click on the underlined word for each bullet point to be directed to their sites. 


A business woman has a certain appearance that she needs to keep up. We understand that even though we work from home, when we go to business functions, we must appear BUSINESS LIKE. I am not much of a makeup person (except eye makeup) but I believe that having flawless looking skin is one step in looking like you can take care of yourself, and your BUSINESS. This face wash has my skin looking better than it EVER has. I love pairing it with my Clarisonic Mia 2 facial cleansing brush. I use this wash in the morning and the evening and I LOVE MY SKIN AGAIN! They even offer the brush for men. At $26 for this bottle of facewash, I feel like this is a great investment not just for your self but for the FACE OF YOUR BUSINESS. They also offer makeup which I plan to try in the future. 


I am the queen of looking for things to keep me organized. I have a difficult time keeping up with receipts and such. This wallet is a must have! Plenty of room for not just your money and cards, but a cute little pocket for your business related receipts. Keep them here until you can get home and put them in the box (I happen to have a small plastic tub) that you keep them in. I love the feel of the leather and the color is AMAZING. I have had so many compliments just in the short time I've had it. IThe Calypso Coral Pebble is such a great color. 31 bags are certainly a MUST HAVE on my list! You'll find another later on.


Every business owner knows that having a good pen is a MUST. I prefer these gel pens because they are super smooth and great when taking notes or writing letters. I usually send thank you letters to all my customers. I use the black when I am wanting to look professional but I do have all the different colors for my post-its at the house. Yes, I have post its everywhere for reminders. So, if you are looking for a great gel pen, I highly suggest these. Find them at


This is another fun one to have to help keep you organized. I consider myself a bag lady and I love having a bag to help me keep all of my business supplies organized and ready to go at any moment. This bad boy helps me keep my bubble mailers, my thank you notes, samples, and other biz necessities neat and tidy. This tote goes with me everywhere and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this. Did I mention that you can get it personalized and they have so many different beautiful PRINTS? Yep. I get to stay organized and stylish at the same time. The print I grabbed is the Lotta Colada and I love the way it just looks like its HAPPY. ( THEY ARE HAVING AN OUTLET SALE JUNE 27-JULY 11 WITH ITEMS UP TO 70% OFF)

5. SMART COFFEE AND XANTHOMAX. $80 (with my special discount that I can offer to my readers.)

Now, this one isn't on here just because of the fact that I promote this coffee. It is making its appearance on this list because I truly feel like MOST of us need this in general, not just business people. Every BUSINESS person seems to run on a few things, DRIVE and CAFFEINE. So what if I told you that YOU could get focus, energy, help with weight loss, and EVEN a happier mood? Would that seem like a must have on YOUR business list?? Yes, it is true. This coffee combo helps with all of that.  If you feel like you may be interested in find out more about this, please let me know. This comes in 30 day supplies.


I am a firm believer that your appearance has alot to do with HOW people perceive you. Yes, I am the queen of ball caps and pony tails but...when it is TIME to be PROFESSIONAL, I want something quick and easy that LASTS. This curly mop I have for a head of hair takes work just to look decent. I have got to say, this shampoo system is AMAZING. While my amazing friend has helped me get my hair back healthy, you can take the hair quiz and find out WHAT YOU NEED. 

7. ZOOM MEETINGS. Free or Paid 

I know that in the world of social media, it seems that we stay connected but what about when it comes time to try and do a meeting and you have a TEAM all across the country? A ZOOM account is an absolute must have. I love being able to talk to my team AND see their faces. You can create a FREE account and link it to your Facebook or you can PAY and have storage for recordings. I love being able to send recordings to people who may not have had a chance to hop on. That's the beauty of working from home, we get to work when and where we want. 

8. GIFT IDEAS. Price Varies

Now, I love doing little gifts for my team and this link has so many adorable items. From shirts to tank to accessories. If you have a specific brand, they offer all kinds of themed items as well. I cannot wait to celebrate some BIG and UPCOMING promotions by supporting my friend and grabbing these beauties as gifts. 


Now, I don't have a link for this one because well, I have so many that I don't have a specific brand that I suggest. If you are in any home based business, I suggest grabbing a few extra portable chargers. I know that 90% of my business takes place on my cell phone and there is nothing WORSE than following up with a customer just to see that my phone is only on 5% and I have nowhere to plug my phone in. This is why a PORTABLE charger is a must. I even have a couple that are solar powered for when I go to the beach or lake. Can't complain with keeping things green right?

10. WIFI 

Last but not least, I feel that any WORK FROM HOME business woman must have good quality WIFI. I know, this may seem like an odd one to post but, I promise if you have slow internet, your BUSINESS could suffer! You can work anywhere in the house when you have wifi. You aren't tied to a desk. That's why we do this right? Work anywhere? We live in a day and time where people want THINGS NOW! Why would we jeopardize business and make people WAIT just because we have a hard time connecting to the WEB? Trust me on this one, get a great internet service provider because you do NOT want to fall short of your goals. 

I really hope that you find this list helpful as you continue towards your success in your HOME BASED business. Do you have any feedback or suggestions for YOUR MUST HAVES? Drop a comment below with yours. 

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