I, Am No Faulkner

I absolutely love writing in my blog. While I am uncertain how many people actually read it, I do find some satisfaction that at least my stories are out there. They are out in the magical abyss we call the INTERNET. Maybe somewhere, somehow, my posts will reach somebody that needs a little inspiration. Rather, maybe they need a big belly laugh and just need to use their smiling muscles for once this week. However my blog gets found, I am grateful for the opportunity.

One of my readers reached out to me and said that I should consider submitting my writing for publication and make some money with it. Hmmm... that may not be a bad idea. Let's hit up the GOOGLE and check this out. Holy smokes, there are a lot of great places to submit your writing. There are submission forums for beginners, bloggers, novelists, and even cartoon funnies. Okay, let me think about this. What am I? I mean, I have a blog but that certainly doesn't make me a "real" writer, does it? I AM a beginner at this whole endeavor, maybe that is where I need to start. I'll leave the illustrations up to the ones who can pull off more than my famous stick figures.

How to get paid for writing... for beginners. Yeah, that is what I will do. I will search and surely somebody out there will find my writing style intriguing. If nothing else, I can always say that I gave it a shot. I mean, it can't hurt to TRY right?

Site number one says "must submit an article with purpose. We do not accept topics on pets, parenting, recipes, how to's, etc. Only quality original work accepted."

Woah, let's think about this for a second. I just enjoy writing and sharing. I know what I write is important but as I always say, there is power in our words. Writers carry a lot of weight in their words. When I speak or write, I try to be conscious of which words I use and how I use them. Is what I am saying valuable? Does it contain truth? There are several pieces of literary artwork in which people study. Entire semesters are dedicated to this in college. Perhaps, an entire year for just one book. There are great debates over meanings behind characters in novels. Even simple articles in newspapers get reviews that either send the author into overnight stardom or into the depths of writers HELL. Am I certain I want to put the weight of all that in my work?

The main reason I write is to influence others yes, but what I have not thought about until now is just how much IMPACT my words may have on another person. My story is my story and I pray that others find solace in the fact that I have overcome huge obstacles in my life and that they too can overcome what they face. Life is something that I grew up thinking never could knock me down or take the wind from my sails. I guess the good Lord decided I had better get my SHIT together and realize He is the one in charge and He needed me in BIGGER and BETTER places. Yeah, He put me through the most humbling experiences within a 2 year period. He also was there when I needed Him the most. He healed me and allowed me the greatest gift of all, wisdom. Here I am a few years later with a passion for helping others in ANY way I can. This passion is a true gift from God that I express in my writing (along with other acts).

Does this still mean I am worthy to write and have people put "weight" or "worth" in my words? I certainly feel like I am worthy. Worthy of the cause. The cause for inspiration and motivation. To push people harder towards their own personal goals. To lift their spirits when they are weary. To inspire and encourage and positively impact others. Yes, I am worthy of ALL that I want in life because without the power of MY words, who's words would influence people? Could it be a sick and twisted jerk? Some low self-esteem person that just wants others to join in their torment? I will not stand for that.

Maybe I do need to submit a piece of my writing. Maybe this is the next step in my journey to help others. To be published in a national publication. To be broadcast over the invisible waves of the web. What do you think? Yay or nay for this endeavor.

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