Are You A Positive Patty or Negative Nancy?

Where do I even begin to describe to you the most amazing and most awesome trip in the world. No, I didn’t go to the tropics and sip some fruity drink with an umbrella. I also didn’t whisk away on some safari to watch a pride of lion’s stalk the Sahara.

I went to Dallas, Texas. I attended a coffee convention. Yep, a convention with my company and YOU want to know what in the world could make this such an “amazing” and “awesome” trip huh?

What I found so inspiring with this trip wasn’t the fact that I got to see some old friends or that I got to make some new ones. It wasn’t that I walked across the stage with recognition for my hard work. It wasn’t that I got to witness stories of people who have overcome serious trials and tribulations. It was the message I received to my heart which made this entire trip completely worth it. (That’s a big statement considering I drove 10 hours in my Jeep one way. My poor rear end was so numb from that long haul.)

Anyway, not to digress…

Positivity and Happiness. These two seem to be so difficult to achieve these days. The old saying that misery loves company is just as evident today as it was when that saying came into existence. It appears easier to complain about issues we find difficult. Finding a flaw in a design can be easier than enjoying the beauty of the design. Really, think about this the next time you are in a conversation with someone. What is the other person saying? Are they complaining about something? Are they judging and looking down their nose at somebody else? What I don’t understand is why people CHOOSE to be unhappy. Why is it so much easier to be a NEGATIVE NANCY and avoid true happiness?

I conclude that it is easier for people to stick with something they know rather than go through the effort to CHANGE. People stick around the same old friends, who complain about the same old thing, day in and day out. Complaining or condemning their spouses. Judging their neighbors. People surround themselves with negative thoughts and negative words. Lives are consumed with it. Nobody pats each other on the back any more. People just want to point out what is wrong with another person. This seems especially true in a small town.

But, what if we said goodbye to the ones who sprayed out negativity like a sprinkler? What if we decided to surround ourselves with people who only speak the good? Would you CHOOSE to find the good in LIFE? Would you find yourself walking away from a conversation that dragged you down? I honestly believe that when we immerse ourselves in positive vibes, that we become positively charged. Then when we find another person and we “spark” something in them, we continue the flow. What we give out, we will receive.

I have made a conscious effort to be happy. Not because I wanted it, but rather because I NEEDED it. I was so tired of being surrounded by people who only wanted to complain. I wasn’t created by God to live a life where I was always “down” so to speak. I couldn’t handle all the pessimism. My heart and my head finally screamed “ENOUGH!!!!!!” Remember, life does NOT happen TO us, but happens THROUGH us.

I was created to be happy. To LOVE my life. To fill others with JOY. So, I stepped away from the ATTITUDY JUDY’S and my life has NOT been the same since. I wake up every day and I find myself smiling because I am so thankful that God has given me another day! I am happy that I get another chance to positively impact another person’s life. When I surrounded myself with positive and happy people, my life became HAPPY.

I recently began educating myself on the laws of attraction. What we put out, we get back. This is the same notion that I have been believing for the past 2 years.

Some people say that not everybody’s life on social media is how it really is in real life. Well, I guess I break the mold on that one. My life has truly transformed. I’ve found love and encouragement. All because I use my story of loss as a motivational tool for others, so they can understand that they can get through anything. By giving this inspiration out, I in turn, have received so much back. I am attracting in life what I want. I highly suggest you do a little online research on this topic. It is such a great concept that I believe in one hundred percent.

So, this weekend while I was surrounded with people from all walks of life, I realized that it doesn’t take money, success, love or luck to be happy. You must choose to be happy. Then you will find that everything else just falls into place.

I hope you all had a Happy Monday.

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