Not Your Average Cup of Joe

I want to share a little story with ya'll. In January of this year, I was introduced to a new coffee. When I say that it is a "new" coffee, I mean literally its brand new! I started seeing posts on Facebook about this coffee that helps with energy and weight loss and focus and on and on and on. Did I make my point? OMG. I needed that! Almost 3 years of night shift and this nurse was feeling those nagging effects of sleep deprivation. I could not even make it through a day off without a nap. On my work days I couldn't sleep during the daylight hours. I was stuck in the limbo between day and night HELL. 

I sent a message to my friend and she sent me a sample. Ya'll... holy smokes! 1 cup of this combo and I was hooked. I made it like my regular normal cup of coffee. I used my flavored creamer and all. I had enough energy all day long. I didn't even WANT a nap! I was the QUEEN of naps. Ask my better half. She knew when it was nap time because the phone went RADIO SILENT. 

I want to share with you a few of the benefits that the coffee and our little happy pill.

Pretty amazing isn't it? The best part about it, I felt it all in my first day. That's when I knew I wanted more of it. I needed more of it.

Now here I am a few months in and I not only have pure energy and better sleep quality, my list of benefits grows every single day. My favorite part of this is that my pain is near zero. Yeah, my chronic back pain is not a nagging thing I have to deal with anymore! Do you know what it's like to not have pain as a daily reminder that you can't do things you used to?? 

I am all for finding alternative remedies rather than traditional pharmaceuticals. I love that everything about this is ALL natural, vegan friendly, and completely ketogenic friendly. With one cup of coffee and one pill, what could you benefit from?

Request your FREE sample HERE 👈👈 be sure to fill out the form completely and if you want to SHOP go HERE👈☕👈

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