Is Everything Really "BIGGER" In Texas? Five Things I Noticed.

Yep, this gypsysoul is on the road again. Another trip in the books. I feel like maybe I should get one of those motorhome maps and stick it on the side of my Jeep. 

Just this summer I could add 5 states to it and it's only June. 

Well, here I am in the Lone Star State and I must say, things already seem to be BIGGER here. Once I crossed that state line it became clear that Texans really want to hold up to their namesake. 

So, wanna know what the first thing is that you're going to notice? An increase in speed limit. Yep, a whopping 75 speed limit on the interstate. Now, this little Jeep gal ain't runnin' 80 just to keep up with traffic. I've got fuel mileage to preserve. It's already rough enough in a Jeep to avoid the gas pump so you bet your sweet tush I'm not wasting gas to keep up with Texas drivers. 

Number two, which may not apply to all of ya'll but these gas prices are a whole lot BIGGER than what I am used to paying back home in Mississippi. Now, I know that this shouldn't be a shocker to me because I am used to traveling and seeing all kinds of things but if you are going to have higher gas prices, shouldn't you also have MORE gas stations? Ya'll know nobody actually fills up to FULL when they stop here. When I was on my way in yesterday, I realized that gas stations are few and far between. Especially when you follow your WAZE app and it sends you through some "back roads" in Texas. That's another thing, what exactly is a "farm to market" road. Is that what we call "county road" back home? Just curious. I thought all these signs saying FM 998 were advertising for radio stations. Just kidding. 

Back to my list...

Number three. I knew Texas was full of RANCHES but WOW, I had no idea that every other mile down the highway was going to have these BIG arches across the drives that announces the ranch owners last names. I saw a Johnson, a HOG, Curly Sue, and even a Wheeler ranch. Yeah, I almost stopped to take a picture with that last one but realized I am not quite sure how Texans feel about people randomly taking photos of their property. Although I feel like I may have the guts to stop on the way home and just take a quick selfie before anybody calls the law or pulls out a shotgun. 

Number four... BIG driving lanes. Now this one may not apply to all the roads here but every "farm to market" road I drove down yesterday had BIG lanes. I am talking about you could drive an 18 wheeler down these bad boys with no issues. And with that speed limit (yeah even back roads are 70) they need wide lanes for passing. I wasn't quite comfortable driving 70 down these roads so I got passed quite a few times. 

Last, but not least, number five. My all time favorite BIG thing here in Texas so far is their BIG Texas sunsets. I don't know if it's the wide open spaces or the fact that maybe the sun IS a little bigger here but dang, they are beautiful! I am a sucker for God's handiwork and He did a great job here! 

Well ya'll, it's off to another day with fun filled memory making. I really hope you have a blessed weekend and be sure to check back here Monday with a recap of my ADVENTURES in DALLAS! 

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