Why You Don't Have to Work 40+ Hours to Earn 6 Figures.

So, I was trying to figure out something that I wanted to talk about today and as I was scrolling Facebook, trying to kill time until the dryer buzzes,  and I figured it out...

I really want to talk about all the opportunities that several of my friends have taken advantage of when it comes to Network Marketing. Matter of fact, I have quit my REAL JOB and WORK FROM HOME because well, I MAKE MORE MONEY THAN I DID AS A NURSE! Yeah, that is kind of mind blowing isn't it? 

When I first saw the opportunity back in my early twenties, I knew that if I could work from home and make enough to pay my bills, I wanted to do it! I wanted to work in my pajamas. I wanted to sleep in every day. I wanted to not have a time clock.

Now, here I am 10 years later and finally able to say that "Yes, I made it happen!" The company I am with just launched in March of this year. I got in on a true ground floor opportunity. I saw the potential, I built my business, I led my team, and now I am working on duplicating my results to others who want to "work from home." I don't sleep in because I have BIGGER goals for my team. I DO get to work in my pajamas but mostly its a bikini in the sunshine. I DONT have a time clock but I do use the clock on the stove when its time for dinner. I DONT have to put in for vacation time. I DO get health benefits. I could go ON and ON about what I DO and DONT have now, but I would seriously rather talk to YOU about that. 

Let me tell you, working from home and having hundreds of people under you is WORK! Now, I want my team to be successful so I don't mind putting in the work. I want them to get paychecks larger than they have ever SEEN so when it comes to fielding messages or training them, I DO NOT CARE! I have this little thing called DUPLICATION that helps me knock it all out in just a couple hours every day. I love helping others. I love giving them financial freedom. One girl is using her "side job" to pay for her wedding. Another lady is taking a cruise. One more is using this as a savings account builder for retirement. The process I have for this is incredible and completely DOABLE and DUPLICATABLE! Yes, I understand that is NOT a word but just know that everything I do, can be done OVER and OVER and OVER.

What I love most is getting messages from all of these people saying, "thank you." There is nothing that warms my heart more. 

I have friends in this business who are making over 200k a year. Wow! What if you could make an extra $1000 a month or even $3000? What if I told you it was possible, with the coaching I have received and will pass to you, for you to make an extra $5000 a month? Yeah, I bet that is more than you make are your "full time" job isn't it?  I mean, who couldn't use an extra $500 a month by just doing an hour of work a day??? 

Okay, yeah... I get it... You have all the money you ever want or need, so why would you be interested in this business?? Right? Well what if I told you that when you create relationships with people in this business, some become friends for life. Personally, a lady I met in this industry is going to be in my wedding. She is literally my best friend and we talk EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now, I am not saying that every person you meet is going to be this way but what if you ended up finding your FOREVER best friend like I did?  

Another wonderful thing about this crazy business, I get to help people! Literally, I get to change lives of people not only by my products (yeah people getting off all their crazy medications is awesome) but because this business is helping single moms, single dads, retired people, and even young couples. I am saying this because I know it is not always about the money or the friendships, sometimes it is MORE about helping others in ways that you just get that HAPPY FUZZY FEELING IN YOUR HEART.

So, if I could teach you how to do all of that and do it in less than 1 hour a day would you want to know more? What if I told you that when you step out of your box of the 9-5 is when you could unleash your REAL EARNING POTENTIAL?? 

And I am not asking you to sell anything. I don't sell a damn thing. I share something I love with my friends. My friends happen to suggest it to their friends. Then, its a mountain size snowball and I am reaching out to people across the country, all because of one little thing that I liked. 

Now that is what I call a personalized experience! 

If you are content with your same $1234 paycheck, every two weeks, imagine if you had complete control over that and could make it double every time you got a check? What if you could start taking a day off your "real job" every week? What if your one hour a day turned into two hours and you could triple your income? Would that be enough for me to catch your attention? All I am saying is that just because my REAL JOB doesn't match YOUR DEFINITION of a real job, doesn't mean that it's less fruitful. I get to work when I want, where I want, and I get to decide how HARD I WORK. 

What is it worth to you?

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