Jeepers Creepers

Let's talk about something dirty. 

I absolutely love mud riding in my Jeep. Well, a Jeep or a side by side or a four wheeler or a truck, any 4x4 vehicle I guess. 

What, you thought I was gonna talk about sex? 

No way Jose! This is all about a girl and her Jeep. 

I have been an avid fan of Jeeps since the first time my brother, Bubba, had one. I got to drive it and I was hooked. I'm talking about hook, line, and sinker. 

Now, my first Jeep wasn't anything fancy but that white TJ was my baby. I learned about the Jeep wave - let me say this, if you own a Jeep and you don't do the Jeep wave, your club card should be pulled. No questions asked...REVOKED! I learned not to travel without a top and figured out how to talk on the phone while driving and be able to hear the other person. 

I remember doing my first mod (modification) to her and I couldn't wait to call Bubba and tell him. I painstakingly took off all my fender flares and spray painted them. Yes, I spray painted them black glitter. Hey, I may love mud but I'm still a chick. 

Look 👇👇👇 there's my brother putting on a new decal for me. 

Yeah, I was stoked with that little adventure and I really thought it turned out well. Nothing like a white vehicle with some black glitter accents right? 

Well, about a week later, a lady turned left from a right hand lane and I couldn't avoid her. Who does that anyway? I SMASHED RIGHT INTO HER! My poor, pitiful TJ. All banged up and those masterpiece fender flares scratched and chipped and scuffed and broken. Pieces of them laid in the road.

I cried. 

So, after my sweet white TJ, I've had a few others (a Tiffany blue TJ and a yellow 2 door JK) but let me tell you, my current Jeep is my pride and joy. I'm guessing it will remain that way until I have a child. Who knows. 

Anyway, when I got the current one, a JKU Rubicon Hard Rock, I was in Florida. Doing some of my gypsying down in Tallahassee. I originally went to look at a Hyper Green one but this one caught my attention.

Needless to say, a few hours after I spotted it, I was on the way home with a new ride. 

Now there I was, I didn't know a soul except the few people I met at the hospital. Wow, talk about a great group of people to work with. To all my peeps at CRMC you all hold a very special place in my heart. 

So, I just got Ol' Blue and I am itching to get some mud on the tires and I started perusing Facebook. What did I find? Tallahassee Jeep Lovers.


These are my people! I quickly look up their Meet and Greet, then mark it on my calendar so I can attend.

These people were awesome. Super funny, laid back, and really great at making me feel welcome. 

During my time in The Capital, I got to go out "jeepin" a few times and really became close to a fellow JeepHer. We will call her by her Jeep's name for privacy purposes. Comet and I loved getting the girls muddy.

When she bought her second Jeep (Towanda) we would go out, sling mud, and not have a care in the world. All the while, snapping pics and laughing. My sweet friend Comet is actually doing a cross country trip right now. I believe she's in Alaska currently. I saw some photos she posted and it seems like theres another great Jeep group up that way. Thanks ya'll for taking Comet out and showing her some trails. 

So now that I am back home, I still keep up with my fellow Jeeper friends I've made in my travels and I continue building relationships in my other Facebook groups. 

What I can say about Jeep owners is that we are a part of a club. A Jeep wavin', mud slinging, and good time havin' club. You've got mall crawlers, rock climbers, and mud boggers and we are all part of one big family. 

Moral of the story, go see the world. Meet new people. Experience new things. Grow and have fun doing it. Dont be afraid to get a little dirty. 

If any Jeeper is around the North Mississippi area, let's go get DIRTY. 

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