Nobody Likes Nasty

Have you ever been so caught off guard by somebody else's actions that you cant even speak? 

Yeah, me too. Sometimes I wonder what has gotten into people these days. When I read about people trampling each other over Black Friday specials or people cussing each other over parking spots. Ok, wait... I think I've done that one. 

Anywho, recently I've been floored with the actions of people around me. Like, close in proximity around me. Can reach out and touch them. I'm not saying I'm around it alot because frankly "ain't nobody got time for that." 

Since I've "grown up" I realize that life is too damn short for nonsense. Sure, it's great to have a good time but, don't act ignorant while you're enjoying life. Pardon the language of this photo but, I feel like it holds so much truth.

I've come to realize a few things regarding this whole "acting like a heathen." 

1. Nobody cares but you.

-Which in my opinion is because you show your rear end enough that people get tired of it. They are numb to it by now. 

2. You are embarrassing yourself. 

- Think about how your actions affect your appearance. People don't like "nasty." 

3. You are not accomplishing anything positive.

- Remember the saying about flies and honey? Repeat that to yourself over and over. 

4. Last but not least, avoid the alcohol if you can't act right. 

It seems that most people want to blame others for their actions. That somehow it's everybody else's fault they act like this. Not quite sure the reasoning but this is how it happens. 

I just cannot fathom these actions I've seen lately. I know that it's always easier said than done to do the right thing but it's also a horrible feeling to look back with regret one day and realize that you have karma knocking on your door. When you show people these true colors, your circle will change.

I try to always be kind. To avoid situations that may be harmful to my soul and above all else, put others first. 

What can you do to help somebody feel better rather than tearing them down? 

#happysaturday #bekind #loveoneanother #dontactlikeaheathen 

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