The Hangover from Hell

Yeah, do you wanna know the worst kind of hangover? 

No, not tequila. Nope, not beer. Not wine either.


If you've worked night shift, you can attest that this is the best way to get a FULL BLOWN hangover without drinking a drop of alcohol. Not sure if it's the backwards hours or the lack of sleep, either way...

Four months ago I was presented an opportunity that has fortunately delivered me from the evil nightshift. Three years on nights had begun to take a HUGE TOLL on my body and my life. Owning my own business has been such a blessing and I'd love to talk more about that later on. While I am not only an entrepreneur, I am an RN that delivers babies over night. I am very thankful I don't have to work full time at the hospital, but I do pick up a few shifts a month. I'd love to hear from other nightshifters what you do to stay awake at night...

Trying to sleep during the day is actually quite difficult for me unless I take some action. I was trying some Tylenol PM but boy I hate waking up with that medicine head. These all natural sleep patches are AMAZING and really help me.

👇👇👇 click here👇👇👇

Sleep Patch

That link also has some REAL hangover relief too. 

So along with patches I also darken my room with darkening curtains AND tin foil on the windows. Trust me, I'd rather do this than suffer without sleep. I dont care that it looks like I'm a baked potato from the outside, inside I'm snoozing away. 

Also, a fan. Not only to help keep the room cool but the noise helps alot too. Dont want the cool air? Try the Relax Sleep Melodies app. It has all kinds of great noisemaking sounds.

Do you have other tips for day sleepers? Drop a comment below and share the love. 

Well, while it's off to dreamland for some of you, I'm getting my shift started. To all the other night shifters. Have a happy shift!

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