Stones and Glass Houses

Well, I decided to pick up 2 shifts this week and I really should be sleeping but I've got a few things weighing on my heart.

I am not one to profess being perfect because the good Lord knows I embrace my imperfections and ask for Him to guide me and forgive me. Even though I strive to have a good heart and pure intentions, it baffles me that there are others out there that want to condemn my relationship with God. I've never been more content and more fulfilled than I am now with my relationship with the man upstairs. God has surely seen me suffer but I feel that now, after all my faithfulness and dedication to Him, He is blessing me beyond what I feel I deserve. 

Yes, I am engaged to the most wonderful WOMAN in the world. I know that people judge me, or us rather, but in reality, who are they judging? Are they judging us because we have love? Are they judging us because we are two women in a committed relationship? Are they judging the love that we share? God gives us love. He gives us the ability to love. So if others want to judge us, are they not in turn judging God? 

One of my most favorite stories of the Bible, is the story of Ruth. Her entire life fascinates me. In particular, the story of Ruth and Naomi has grown close to my heart as of late. After Naomi's sons died, she was left with two widowed daughters in law, Ruth and Orpah. She told both women to return to their homes because she could not provide for them. Naomi had become a widow herself prior to the death of her sons. Orpah conceded and returned home to her family while Ruth refused. Ruth said to Naomi, "Where you go, I shall go. Where you stay, I shall stay. Your people shall be my people. Your God, my God." Ruth is known for her loyal love. Her love to her new God and her love to Naomi are perfect examples of the love God created for us to give others.

Ruth's loyal love for her mother in law has been described as "she loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve." If the Bible can praise Ruth for such loyalty, then why can Christian's not understand that the love between two women is just as loyal. Yes, Ruth devoted herself to Naomi and followed Naomi in all directions. Whether it was in the teachings of God, the laws of the land, and even when it came time for Naomi to find Ruth a suitable match. 

What I do not understand is why people find loyalty and love so hard to comprehend.  Examples of Ruth and Naomi remind us that servants of God can open their hearts and make even the smallest of families glow with warmth, kindness, and love.

Maybe it is because the concepts of understanding and tolerance are thrown to the wayside. It seems that nobody tries to think how their actions or words may affect others. When did my sins become greater than your sins? When did your life become more valued than mine? 

What I pray for is that people would stop judging others and stop casting stones. Remember to love thy neighbor. Treat others the way you want to be treated...

Think back to elementary school and every motivational poster on the wall. Be as uplifting as those were. Be kind. Be strong. Be who you were born to be. 

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